Pardon, Peace and Stories of Reconciliation

Pardon, Peace and Stories of Reconciliation

Disc One
Pardon and Peace…Remembered (Junior High-Adult, 15 min.)
This updated and expanded version of the Franciscan Communications classic, Pardon and Peace, is a poignant retelling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. When John picks up a young hitchhiker, he can't anticipate how deeply his life will be affected. The young man's desire to be reconciled with his family and willingness to ask for forgiveness—along with his family's welcome at his homecoming—so impress the John that he also decides to reconcile with his parents. John shares these stories of reconciliation with his teenage granddaughter and helps her to gain better perspective on her own problems.

Skateboard: A First Reconciliation Film/La Tabla de Patinaje (Ages 7-9, 12 min. each)
Sandy is an eight-year-old with a brand new skateboard. Bored with coasting on easy hills and her driveway, she decides to ride in the street on a very steep hill that she has been told is off-limits. Unable to stop, she loses control of the board and narrowly escapes a serious accident. Sandy runs and hides. Her parents discover her and help her to realize that the people who love us make rules because they care and that having broken a rule, she must face the consequences.

The Stray: A Parable of Belonging/El Descarriado (Ages 7-9, 14 min. each)
This modern parable, based on the Parable of the Lost Sheep, tells of 12 first-graders and their visit to a zoo. This is a happy event until one child, the troublesome "tiger" of the group, runs after an errant balloon and gets lost. The gruff (and now weary) bus driver suddenly finds new energy and searches with single-minded concern for his problem child. All ends well, with balloons, popcorn and celebration all around.

Disc Two
The Way Home: A Parable of Love/Camino a Casa (Junior High-Adult, 22 min. each)
In this contemporary version of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, a rebellious son repentantly returns to his family. His father is joyful at the reunion, but the elder son-who stayed home and worked hard along with his father in the family business-feels slighted and cheated. While everyone else celebrates the homecoming, the older brother deals with his conflicting feelings at what seems to be the unfairness of life as his father looks on in love.

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Year: 2009

Running time: 100 minutes

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